The power of portrait, and love

A few weeks ago, I went back to my hometown to make my own family's portrait. We shared an amazing weekend together in a beautiful hotel by the sea. And it gave me some insight in the way I have always been looking at LOVE.

Alain de Botton said, "One of the things that makes relationships so scary is we need to be weak in front of other people. And most of us are just experts at being pretty strong."

I bet it describes very well the relationship with LOVE for many of us: We know that love is all we need while trying to be strong and independent because we believe we HAVE to when we are adults. It is this self-defence mechanism that makes us fail so often in communication in every relationship, even within a family.

Carrying one of her young sleeping children in her arms, my brother's wife said, "Kids are so cute. When they sleep they just let their whole body go, knowing that you will be there to carry them. When we grow up we don't sleep like that anymore."

Kids trust their parents. They know that they can totally rely on them, be weak in front of them while still remain loved by them. When we become adults it becomes really hard to kneel down in front of our shortcomings and admit that, after all, we just want to be loved.

I took this photo when I was having a walk with my family by the sea. My brother was carrying his daughter who had just fallen asleep. He stopped to look at the water. I said, "Don't move." and took this picture. I hope you like the dreamy and soothing touch of this image. For me it says a lot about letting go, loving someone and being loved.

This little kid is still too young to realise the power of this portrait. But I hope that it will be part of her sweet personal treasure when she grows older.

Family portrait by Kayee C Photographer (2017)

Family portrait by Kayee C Photographer (2017)

Rock your style


Winda est une femme incroyable : une super maman qui gère même la commande de pizza pour ces enfants en Asie pendant qu'elle voyage en Europe. Une adorable photographe qui s'est récemment fait photographier par la grande icône de photographie de portrait, Sue Bryce en Californie. Winda possède ce charme naturel qui donne envie d'être amis avec elle dès l'instant de la rencontre !

Cette année, à une période assez dure de ma vie, Winda m'a encouragée, "Ce n'est qu'un moment de ta vie qui montre et qui prouve de quoi tu es faite."

A la fin de son séjour en Europe au printemps, je l'ai photographiée dans un studio près du Canal Saint Martin. D'emblée je savais comment j'allais la photographier : je veux du STYLE et du POUVOIR ! Le genre de pouvoir très souvent incarné par des représentations masculines, mais cette fois-ci, par une femme. Ce pouvoir qui est transformé en une force intérieure et beaucoup de confiance. J'espère que vous aimez les résultats !

J'ai eu cette chance de comprendre que c'est en renforçant les autres femmes que nous pouvons toutes atteindre le niveau supérieur : davantage d'amour propre, de confiance, de respect. J'ai trouvé la raison pour laquelle je brandis l'appareil photo avec autant de fierté !


Winda is an incredible lady: A super mom who manages to order pizza to her kids in Asia when she is travelling in Europe. An adorable photographer who has recently been photographed by the great great portrait photography icon, Sue Bryce in California. Winda has this natural charm that makes you want to be friends with her since the first moment you see her!

When I was going through a very low period of my life this year, Winda encouraged me, "It's just a point of your life that proves what you are made of."

At the end of her European trip this spring, I photographed her in a studio close to Canal Saint Martin. I knew immediately how I was going to photograph her: I wanted STYLE and POWER, the kind of power usually incarnated by some male representations but this time with a female body, transformed into a form of inner strength and confidence. I hope you appreciate the results!

I was lucky enough to realise that it is by empowering other women that we can all rise to the next level: more self-love, more confidence, more respect. I have found the reason to proudly pick up the camera!

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