Love for quality


Ce samedi a eu lieu la très belle séance photo de 4 heures que j'ai offerte à une des personnes qui ont participé au tirage au sort lancé sur ma page Facebook. Cette séance fera partie de nos plus beaux souvenirs grâce à nos discussions sur nos parcours et nos expériences de vie. C'est le croisement de vies qui nous rappelle comment nous sommes merveilleuses et irremplaçables. Que chaque femme reparte de cette expérience de shoot plus sûre d'elle et plus rayonnante ! 

(Petite photo du shoot : quand ta coiffeuse-maquilleuse pense tellement a tout qu'elle s'occupe même de couper la mèche de notre reine. Merci Aurore Lebacle, tu es une merveille !)


Last Saturday I offered a 4-hour photo shoot to the winner of the lucky draw I launched on Facebook. This is a wonderful experience to be remembered forever thanks to all our conversations about our life experience. This simply reminds us how amazing and irreplaceable we all are. I hope every lady will carry on with this experience with more confidence and light shining from the inside.

(Photo of the day: when your hair & makeup artist cares so much about quality that she even helps my Queen of the day trim her fringes. Thank you Aurore Lebacle! You are wonderful!)

Aurore Lebacle (HMUA) trimming my Queen's fringes during the preparation

Aurore Lebacle (HMUA) trimming my Queen's fringes during the preparation

Book a shoot with me in Hong Kong (June)!

Great news my Hong Kong friends!

I will go on a trip to Hong Kong soon and there is still availability for one LAST photo shoot by me on the 22nd of June! If you wish to have your gorgeous portraits made with lots of love and care, this is a great opportunity! 

We will be on the Hong Kong Island side. Hair & make up will be included in the package!!

Believe me, this will be an unforgettable experience!

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