The Elegance Collection

Do you know...

That each woman deserves a portrait she is proud of?

That your portraits are not mere digital files?

That your portraits today will be your family treasure tomorrow?

Welcome to the Elegance Collection page! My name is Kayee and I create portraits that every woman can cherish forever. I hope you enjoy my work and my service philosophy!

Philosophy & Services

Kayee C Photographer (Paris, France)

Kayee C Photographer (Paris, France)

I am a portrait photographer for every woman.

We live in a society that makes it difficult for us to love ourselves. Lots of judgment that smashes our self-love by telling us we are "old", "boring", "fat" or "unattractive". And we are often too busy and preoccupied by our everyday events to even remember we are actually amazing people! We very often end up judging ourselves so hard.

So I created my portrait business to provide a moment of "retreat" to women, a moment without any judgment from the outside, a moment of mindfulness where you can recentre your energy towards who you really are.

My portrait services are all about you, your experience and your feeling. A session with me includes an in-depth consultation before the shoot, your professional hair styling and make-up and a guided photo shoot in a charming studio in Paris. All of this is designed to be a fulfilling, unforgettable experience for you. 

I provide quality portrait services to show you the true light shining out from you. And since I insist on the value of your printed portraits, you can keep your pictures forever, touch them whenever you want, pass it on to your future generations, making it a priceless gift to yourself and people you love.


Some frequently asked questions about the Elegance Collection

"How will a portrait session take place ?"

After confirmation of your session, we will meet each other several weeks before the photo shoot to talk about your desire of portraits, your aesthetic preferences and eventually your nervousness of going in front of a camera.

On the shooting day, you will come to the photo studio with several of your favourite outfits. The session starts with a professional hair and make-up artist (HMUA) preparing you for the style we will have chosen beforehand. You will have a good time in our company so that you can relax and be the best of yourself. With me, no more worry of being not “photogenic”, because this is entirely my job to guide you for your poses and expressions through the whole session. This is how I capture the most beautiful elements of you. My vocation is that every woman, after a portrait session with me, feels much more natural and beautiful in front of a camera, with all the necessary skills to master their image. Believe me, it will be very useful for the photos of your next holiday!

The entire session can last up to 4 hours. You will have enough time to get changed several times and feel totally warmed up!

At the end of the session, we will fix a day to sit down together and look at the best pictures of the session. They will all be processed carefully to bring out the best of each of them. That’s the moment where you have complete control of which pictures you want to purchase. Once you will have confirmed your choices, I will send the pictures to a professional laboratory which will make prints for you with an exceptional quality standard. When you receive the prints, you will also receive high definition image file of each of the purchased photos. 


“Am I totally in control of how many pictures I buy?”

Yes, totally! You only buy what you like! I chose this industry to serve people. Your satisfaction always goes first. Of course you can buy them all! But you can also walk out with just one single photo, or no photo at all.


“Is there an age and body type limit for portraits?”

What if someone really said, “Yes”? If this is the case, remember to send that person to me!

With me, no age or body type limit. The best moment to feel beautiful, is RIGHT NOW. When you hire a photographer for portrait services, this is the photographer’s job to capture the best shots of you. The only thing I require is that you are at least 18 years old on the day of the photoshoot.

I constantly perfect my skills of posing women of different ages and body types so that any lady can trust me. My job is to remind and show you that you are wonderful, even though sometimes you are too busy to even think about it!


Don't forget I am always here for your questions! This first contact does not require any commitment from you. I will explain my services, printed products and pricing in detail so that you have all the information needed to make the best decision for you!

The Keepsake Box & Your Prints


Nowadays, technologies very often make us see our photos as mere digital files. However, I insist on giving my clients the pleasure of touching and feeling their portraits with their own hands. Our portraits are part of our sentimental heritage that we pass on from generation to generation. This is why I want you to fall in love again with your printed photos!

All images of the Elegance Collection will be delivered in matted prints protected by a keepsake box, manufactured with care in Italy by an internationally renowned printing company.


Digital version of all purchased images will also be provided in high definition. 

Several packages are available according to your budget and preferences. Do not hesitate to contact me to know more about the packages and the pricing.

The creation of your own portrait is an experience to have at least once in a life time.

Let's talk about it!

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