The Business Collection

Your professional appearance is important. You represent your brand, your service or the competent candidate that you are. Aligning the outside with the core of your professional values can only make a more impactful first impression. 

Getting a professional business headshot is an investment that will bring you so much more in return. You brand will have a stronger image, your potential clients will see your value right away, recruiters will see the reflection of your personality that may be exactly what they are looking for! Unconsciously, people are very good at reading faces. When they view your professional headshot, they already get a glimpse of the connection they can create with you. 

As a professional portrait photographer, my job is to understand your business and your career project before creating your headshot with you, step by step. My goal is to emphasise your best elements so your photo reflects the "crème de la crème" of you!


So here's how the Business Collection works:

The preparation

After our first conversation, if you decide to create your business headshot with me, there will be a pre-shoot consultation, in person or by video conferencing. This consultation is essential for us to agree on the style of your portraits. We will talk about the outfits and eventually your hair & makeup styling for the shooting day. It also allows me to better understand the use of your photos and thus make the most appropriate artistic and technical choices as a photographer.


The shooting day!

We will spend up to 2 hours in a studio, allowing you enough time to warm up and feel entirely at ease with the flow of a portrait session. After all, the key of a great portrait is to make you feel comfortable and entirely in your element. On top of that, one of the main benefits of a long enough photo shoot, is that you can get changed several times with the outfits that you bring, maximising the options you will have at the end!

I will keep guiding you in terms of posing and expression during the whole session.

Besides, I will regularly show you photos that we capture. That's the ideal way to achieve the feeling and look you are going for!

This is also how we make a pre-selection of the photos that I will retouch for you, before submitting to your final selection.


The final images!

1 to 2 weeks after the shoot, I will submit the pre-selected photos, all retouched professionally, to your final pick. You can choose to meet in person. We can also communicate via online gallery at your convenience. 

After that, you will receive your professional portraits in high definition and use them the way you wish!

Me too I have my proudly owned Business Headshot (by Alice Prenat)

Me too I have my proudly owned Business Headshot (by Alice Prenat)

Your business and career are worth being represented in the most professional way! If you are still worrying about not "looking good enough", remember, this is the photographer's job to make you look fabulous! 

For any questions or booking, just write to me!