new year

Why try to be "normal" when you are weird?

This is how I feel when I "party" with strangers, having to introduce myself every time a different person initiates a conversation with me. I still find making new friends a very awkward thing for me to do. 


The word "party" does not even relate to my life style as this is something I actively avoid for 2 reasons:

1) I prefer private and small groups where I can listen to conversations.

2) I am an introvert.

Although I spent years training myself to open up thanks to acting and public speaking, my shy and sensitive core did not change. Even after a speakeasy type of gathering, I need 3 days to recover my energy by reducing social interactions to the minimum. I used to believe that I had to open up and stand in the spotlight because the society prefers charismatic leaders. Growing up, I realised that the real deal was about accepting who you are and like it unconditionnally, and giving people around you the same freedom to be whoever they are. 

Being weird is fun. It helps us create nice things that we did not initially expect. It brings endless surprise to our entourage. As for people out there who judge you saying you are crazy, strange, not normal and all that jazz, I just think they are too used to being ordinary. Your fuck budget is low for this kind of pollution anyway. 

2019 is coming. I hope all the existing weirdos remain weird, repressed weirdos come out of the closet of normality and ordinary people... continue to have access to clean water.