Dream Shoot in Mont Saint Michel, France

Earlier this month, the very inspiring entrepreneur Keenya and I went to Mont Saint Michel in the North of France for a dream shoot! 

The Mont Saint Michel is an amazing monument that always gives me the sensation of being on the edge of the world. Walking closer and closer to the Mont on the sinuous promenade, it gives you the feeling that a few more steps away you will end up in a completely different fantasy world full of possibility. I bet I am not the only one who has such romantic thoughts facing the edge of a vast ocean.

We got up early the next day. Keenya got ready in her tulle dress. And we braved the cold morning chasing sun light.

The unique light of sunrise has something unbeatable and it looked perfect on Keenya’s sensuous body language. As the Mont Saint Michel represents something so romantic for me, I believe the match with her sunny smile gives the final images a rich atmosphere. 

I enjoyed this trip so much with the amazing company of Keenya. We had such interesting and inspiring conversations, totally silly jokes and wild thoughts about our future. Mont Saint Michel will remain for me a symbol of spiritual energy and the sensation of renewal. 

I hope you enjoy these beautiful images of Keenya! I like them so much that she is the cover girl of my Lady Posing Guide (Guide de Poses pour Femmes) that you can download for free!