Stop over thinking and create

These are my latest creative works based on my self-portraits.


The biggest difference between a portrait session for a client and my own personal creative work, is that I never plan my creative shoots ahead. Things happen litterally on the spot once I get into the creative mode. I walk clients through the whole service package and process. From preparation to execution, a framework is there ensuring that my client gets what they need/want, while giving space to any eventual creative calling during their shoot for some cool surprise at the viewing.

Quite often I feel the urge to shoot because I feel that I am catching a glimpse of an inspiration by its tail. I am confident that if I follow that spiritual and physical urge, I can go into full creative mode. I actually do not care that much about the outcome. What counts is the dynamic of the moment allowing me to just focus on getting something done. If I picture myself emerging from the wall, I will just go look for a way to make it happen with existing resources: decide which lens to use, which camera angle to set up, what to wear, how to act, etc.

And quite often, what I picture at the beginning and what I get at the end are quite different. When you are your only client, it is vital to listen to the creative flow otherwise there is no point doing it.

Creating is fun, transcending and surprising. It takes courage to get into full creative mode without the guarantee of success. It also takes courage to create because every part of your work is a reflection of you, your personality, including your strengths and weaknesses. I feel almost like a stripper putting myself out there. But what a happy stripper I am, not relying on anyone's "approval" to do what creates value to me.