Go deep on creativity

Recently I have been listening to Cal Newport's book "Deep Work". It's about concentrating on the creation of work of high quality in a world full of distraction. It seriously makes me rethink the way I use my energy in my daily routine, so that I can create photography of better quality by going deeper into the message and rendering of each image.

I feel that my mind is craving its alone time more than ever! Therefore I have been cutting down on social activity in order to concentrate on my creativity. And because I am not a chick who sits there and waits for inspiration to come, I spend long hours trying different elements (lighting, props, angle, outfit, etc.) in order to refine every bit of idea lingering in those little corners of my mind, shouting to get sculpted by a creator. 

So my new series, "Série Noire," carrying exactly the same name of Alain Corneau's film in 1979 played by my favourite French actor of all time, the great Patrick Dewaere, is the fruit of this period of joyful solitude and deep concentration. 

In my "Série Noire," I explore the parallel universe that exists in each of us, where we can find our "deep" self, the true self or a potential self that we haven't been able to exploit yet. Although the images are dark, our true self doesn't necessarily need to be dark. The use of darkness and the blue colour is a metaphor of depth, in a state of relaxation, like what you imagine when you try to picture the endless ocean. And when my protagonist in one of the pictures seems to be falling, she may be just flying, swimming or simply suspended in he parallel world of no gravity. All the pictures remain very open for interpretation. You can project your own narrative into each of them.

So my last few weeks were all about focusing on channelling my creative dynamic with full concentration, sculpting my narrative in order to create connection with you who are viewing my work.

We all love creating, don't we? Like what Georges Brassens, a famous French singer in the last generation, said, "Avec un peu de merde et beaucoup de volonté, on peut faire des tas de choses." (With a little bit of scrap and a lot of willingness, we can make a whole bunch of things.)

Enjoy my work and create your own stuff!