The Dimensions of Things

One of the many things I have not been promoting on my website is my self-portraits. I believe people come to my website for their own experience, not the photos of the photographer herself. Therefore the self-portrait universe has always been a little secret garden for me where I feel totally free to do whatever I want, to myself!

Recently a hair and makeup artist asked why I didn’t offer the same creative portraits to my clients. I agreed it could be very interesting to add the creative part at the end of each personal branding session to have something different and fun! So I started reviewing some of my favourite images to see how I could explain my creative process to my clients. I believe I see certain patterns there: circles, shadows, detached face, hands…


Hm… I believe I am trying to explore a deeper dimension of our mind (Wow! Sounds deep!).

Alright, I think a big part of my creativity comes from the tension between being myself and being what my surroundings expect me to be. And I don’t even think I am rare! Most of the people out there know what I am talking about! We have all sorts of responsibilities: family, finance, social circle, etc. Most of them don’t necessarily follow our genuine desire, for example, many of us would prefer to read a good book while sipping a cup of good coffee instead of pushing ourselves into the crowded train for a meeting, as if our body has become a mere transportation method for our grey matter, so that we can interact with other sets of grey matter, by email, to fulfil certain responsibilities. 


Sometimes we stay in that “expected” mode for so long and so well that we kind of fool ourselves about who we really are, what we really want to say or do. And this is the moment I find the “other dimension” of our mind fascinating! If what you believe you should genuinely be has never come up to the surface, does it really exist? Are we really burying our true self for the sake of expectations? Or the boring routine of every day makes us dream of the potential of a more exciting self? Or, should we simply learn to live a life with multiple facets? 


Obviously I don’t have the answer (otherwise I would be giving TED talks!). What I can offer is a set of creative skills that can help people explore some deeper feelings, creating images that truly FEEL like themselves. Once you step into the realm of creative portraits with me, the point is no longer to look “good” in certain ways, but to look REAL.

I will leave you with this, “How do you see yourself in a creative fine art portrait?”